The Big Brother VIP Albania 3 House and Contestants: Which Celeb Do you Think Will Win the $500,000 Prize?

This current year, the show is full of twists and transforms, and it’s anyone’s imagine which will come out on the top. In this particular post, we’ll check out several of the Big Brother VIP Albania Live frontrunners for your title of Large Brother VIP Albania victor and weigh their odds.

Hekuran “Heki” Mirdita

Hekuran “Heki” Mirdita is really a 26-calendar year-aged actor from Tirana, Albania. He came into the Big Brother VIP Albania house on Day time 1 and is a huge frontrunner to the winning prize ever since then. He’s well-appreciated by both his other housemates as well as the observing open public, and the man has a good chance of using home the name.

Besarta “Besa” Kodra

Besarta “Besa” Kodra is actually a 22-calendar year-older model from Tirana, Albania. She joined your home on Day 1 and is a regular existence near the top of the leaderboard. She’s favored by her other housemates and it has gained many difficulties during the entire time of year.

Enis Këpuska

Enis Këpuska is a 29-calendar year-older businessman from Tirana, Albania. He accessed the house on Day time 15 as part of a perspective, and he has become making an effort to capture around his other housemates from the time. He’s won many problems and he’s well-appreciated by both his other housemates and the watching general public.

Bottom line:

Big Brother VIP Albania is to its closing three contestants: Hekuran “Heki” Mirdita, Besarta “Besa” Kodra, and Enis Këpuska. All three have gotten a robust showing during the entire season, only one can be crowned the winner. Who might it be? Tune in to discover!